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Taylor Swift Truckers

Taylor Swift, a prominent advocate of the Trickle-down economic theory, is making headlines with her decision to distribute six-figure bonuses to all truck drivers involved in transporting her equipment across the nation for the renowned Eras Tour. As per TMZ, each of these truckers received an impressive bonus of $100,000, a fact that became public after her recent concert in Santa Clara, California.

Swift’s grand gesture was directed at around 50 truck drivers, translating to an estimated $5 million disbursed from her pocket. This figure might seem astronomical, but it’s worth noting that her nationwide Eras Tour has reportedly grossed over $1 billion. Analysts predict that the tour might break records, becoming the highest-earning tour of all time.

The lucrative bonuses given to the truckers are purported “end of tour” rewards, TMZ reports. Swift is wrapping up the U.S. leg of The Eras Tour with six final shows at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, scheduled to end on August 9. Following this, Swift and her team will embark on their journey to Mexico.

True to her reputation for generosity, Swift is said to have handed out bonuses to not just truckers, but also other team members including her band, dancers, light and sound technicians, caterers, and more. The exact amounts remain undisclosed.

Previously, we covered how approximately 50 trucks are dedicated to hauling all the necessary elements for Swift’s concerts, ranging from costumes and color-coded microphones to the uniquely designed mossy house, illuminated bicycles, and an array of musical equipment. Add to this the massive LED screens, elaborate lighting setup, and practically everything else required to orchestrate a concert that lasts for over three hours. It’s no wonder that Swift’s touring convoy arrives over a week in advance of her shows – Swift’s musical vision is not one for traveling light.

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